1. Qué es lo que Necesitas Saber Antes de Tomar el Exámen de Ciudadanía para los Estados Unidos

    En las Oficinas Legales Salah, somos devotos en ayudar a las personas de Chicago con las complejidades de la ley de inmigración. Nuestros abogados de inmigración se preocupan por sus necesidades y haremos todo lo necesario para proteger sus derechos y ayudarle a usted y a sus seres queridos a encontrar el camino hacia la ciudadanía. Sin embargo, nosotros no podemos hacer todo solos. Para conver…Read More

  2. Cuándo Llamar a un Abogado de Inmigración

    Navegando a través de problemas legales puede ser un proceso complejo y difícil para cualquiera en los Estados Unidos, incluso si lo atraviesan sin ninguna complicación. Como inmigrante, se hace aún más desafiante debido a la naturaleza sensible de su residencia en este país. El más mínimo mal paso puede llevar a una consecuencia desastrosa, la deportación puede ser una de las más promin…Read More

  3. Lo que Nadie te Dice Sobre Naturalización

    Cada 79 segundos, un inmigrante se convierte en ciudadano de los Estados Unidos, de acuerdo con esta hoja de hechos. Existe una razón para esta estadística y significa que al convertirse en uno se logra un estatus mucho más seguro que teniendo solo una tarjeta verde o una VISA. La trampa es que el camino a la naturalización o ciudadanía para aquellos que nacieron fuera del país, involucra un…Read More

  4. Unique Situations That Immigration Lawyers Can Help With

    When it comes to immigration lawyers, the general assumption is that they’re mainly there to help immigrants when they face an emergency crisis, such as deportation. In reality, immigration lawyers assist in a wide variety of services, some more unique and uncommon than others. When you find yourself in these situations, it can be hard to determine what the best course of action is. That’s why…Read More

  5. When to Call an Immigration Attorney

    Navigating through legal issues can be a convoluted and difficult process for anybody in the United States, even if they get through with zero complications. As an immigrant, it becomes even more challenging due to the sensitive nature of your residency in this country. The smallest misstep can lead to disastrous consequences, deportation being one of the most prominent. That’s why at Salah Law …Read More

  6. What You Need to Know Before You Take the US Citizenship Test

    At Salah Law Offices, we are devoted to helping the people of Chicago with the complexities of immigration law. Our immigration attorneys care for your needs, and we will do everything we can do to protect your rights, and help you and your loved ones find a path to citizenship. However, we can’t do everything alone. To become a citizen of the United States, you’ll have to pass the US citizens…Read More

  7. What No One Tells You About Naturalization

    Every 79 seconds, an immigrant becomes a U.S. citizen, according to this factsheet. There’s reason for this statistic, and it’s that becoming one means achieving a much more secure status than holding a Green Card or Visa. The catch is that the road to naturalization, or citizenship for those born outside of the country, involves a lengthy and arduous process in order to even be considered for…Read More

  8. Family Immigration 101

    Are you thinking about finally taking the leap to permanently join your loved one in the U.S. but don’t know where to start? Does the idea of immigration give you a headache? Don’t be so quick to give up—although the process of going through the many steps of obtaining a Green Card or Visa can be quite daunting and costly, our esteemed legal services can help simplify the process to the poin…Read More

  9. How to Learn About Deportation Law and Engage Your Community

    Living as an undocumented person in America comes with its own set of complications, fears, and uncertainties. Thanks to new legislature and executive orders from the Trump administration demanding wave after wave of removals over the past year, it has become even more difficult for them to live as integral parts of their communities. In Chicago alone where the undocumented population crosses well…Read More

  10. What NOT To Do When Facing A DUI Charge

    Are you currently facing a drunk driving charge? Whether you feel your arrest was warranted or not, it is in your best interest to be on your best behavior. There are certain actions that will have a negative impact on your case if they call into question your reliability or credibility. When you are facing a DUI charge, read this blogs for advice on what you should NEVER do. Post About Your DUI O…Read More