1. Family Immigration 101

    Are you thinking about finally taking the leap to permanently join your loved one in the U.S. but don’t know where to start? Does the idea of immigration give you a headache? Don’t be so quick to give up—although the process of going through the many steps of obtaining a Green Card or Visa can be quite daunting and costly, our esteemed legal services can help simplify the process to the poin…Read More

  2. Can I Use a Good paralegal to Help Me Instead of a Lawyer?

    That question has been around for years.  If paralegals charge so much less for similar services, can’t I use a great paralegal, instead of a good lawyer, and save a lot of money?  Typically, for your protection, the short answer, is no.  Here are some great reasons and examples of why you should almost always hire a lawyer in the Chicago area, instead of a local paralegal. Because of the gen…Read More