Are you thinking about finally taking the leap to permanently join your loved one in the U.S. but don’t know where to start? Does the idea of immigration give you a headache? Don’t be so quick to give up—although the process of going through the many steps of obtaining a Green Card or Visa can be quite daunting and costly, our esteemed legal services can help simplify the process to the point where it can become a manageable (but by no means small) feat. Stay tuned for some tips below that will help put you at ease and ultimately advance your mission to reunite with family and become a permanent resident of the United States.

If Your Sponsor is an Immediate Family Member:

There are a wide number of methods to achieving permanent resident status in the United States, but the family immigration process boils down to two main routes. For example, if the person petitioning for you is an immediate family member (such as a spouse, parent/guardian, sibling, or unmarried child under 21 years old), the timeline seems to be the shortest of the two routes. This is because the Visas issued for this particular purpose are not limited by how many Green Cards are issued each year, so you won’t have to worry about missing a quota.

For Other Family Members:

However, if you are sponsored by a family member who is more distant in relation (e.g. an aunt/uncle, nephew/niece, grandparent, or cousin), keep in mind that the process can take up to 8 months since these Visas are limited in this category and are therefore confined to a set quota per year. In any case, expect a waiting period of at least one month if you are currently in the U.S., and up to 3 years if living abroad.

Secure and Save, Save, Save

Once you have decided your preferred route, the next step is to consult with family members in the U.S. and finalize the sponsor who is willing to begin the petitioning process. Keep in mind the above timeline distinctions of permanent residency Visas—immediate family members mean a shorter waiting time and a higher preference tier. To make matters a bit more complicated, there is a substantial cost to applying for a permanent residency Visa of any kind. Assuming you are over the age of 13, the average cost for such an application is around USD 1225, which includes a filing fee, biometrics, and shipping fees.

Let Us Do The Rest!

We understand how daunting it can be to obtain your Green Card, especially when your loved ones are residing in a different country. Whether you or your loved one needs assistance with petitioning for your permanent residency status, sorting through complicated legal jargon, or securing the final paperwork, our stellar team will stop at nothing to ensure prompt and consistent assistance so you can focus on finally reuniting with your loved ones. Contact us today to begin the process!