Salah Legal Services is experienced in Federal Court Litigation. Many immigration attorneys will not defend you in Federal Court. Salah Legal Services will not hesitate to defend your rights either because your case has been delayed or because the Immigration Court or the Board of Immigration Appeals has ruled against you. Our nationwide years of experience give us the knowledge and ability to defend you quickly and accurately including as follows:

  • Suing the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, ICE, USCIS, or the FBI for delaying a decision on your case or for other matters. Many times suing the government is the fastest option available to obtain a decision in your case.
  • Appealing your case to the US District Court, the Federal Court of Appeals or the US Supreme Court for denying your case or making erroneous decision in your case.
  • Seeking stays of removal to request that individuals who have been ordered removed (deported) to remain in the S.
  • Challenging denials of Citizenship in US District Court