1. How to Learn About Deportation Law and Engage Your Community

    Living as an undocumented person in America comes with its own set of complications, fears, and uncertainties. Thanks to new legislature and executive orders from the Trump administration demanding wave after wave of removals over the past year, it has become even more difficult for them to live as integral parts of their communities. In Chicago alone where the undocumented population crosses well…Read More

  2. What NOT To Do When Facing A DUI Charge

    Are you currently facing a drunk driving charge? Whether you feel your arrest was warranted or not, it is in your best interest to be on your best behavior. There are certain actions that will have a negative impact on your case if they call into question your reliability or credibility. When you are facing a DUI charge, read this blogs for advice on what you should NEVER do. Post About Your DUI O…Read More

  3. Set the Record Straight on Immigration

    Immigration is a very popular topic right now. Not only because many United States citizens see it as a problem, but because politics weigh heavy opinions on it. Because of this, our law firm in Chicago is making it a point to set the record straight on immigration. In our previous post, we started giving readers the facts and misconceptions regarding immigration and immigrants. Here are more: Myt…Read More

  4. Can I Use a Good paralegal to Help Me Instead of a Lawyer?

    That question has been around for years.  If paralegals charge so much less for similar services, can’t I use a great paralegal, instead of a good lawyer, and save a lot of money?  Typically, for your protection, the short answer, is no.  Here are some great reasons and examples of why you should almost always hire a lawyer in the Chicago area, instead of a local paralegal. Because of the gen…Read More