At Salah Law Offices, we are devoted to helping the people of Chicago with the complexities of immigration law. Our immigration attorneys care for your needs, and we will do everything we can do to protect your rights, and help you and your loved ones find a path to citizenship.

However, we can’t do everything alone. To become a citizen of the United States, you’ll have to pass the US citizenship test. As your advocates in immigration law, we want to help you to be as prepared as possible before you take the test. Here are some things that are good to know before you take it:

How it Works

When the time comes, you’re going to have what is called a naturalization interview. In this interview, you’ll answer questions about your background, and you’ll take two different tests: an English test and a Civics test.

The English Test

The English test is made up of three parts—speaking, reading, and writing. Your speaking proficiency will be determined by a US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Officer during your interview, and you’ll have to demonstrate your ability to read and write at least one out of three sentences that are presented to you.

The Civics Test

The Civics Test will test your knowledge of the US government and the country’s history. You will be asked ten questions, randomly pulled from a list of 100. To pass the test, you’ll have to answer at least six of them correctly.

Retaking the Tests

Fortunately, you are eligible to retake the tests. If you fail on any components of the tests, you’ll be able to retest on the portion that you failed, between 60 and 90 days later. However, we would rather see you succeed! The following tips will help you prepare for the tests.

Preparing for the Test

Preparing for the citizenship test is just like preparing for a test at school; the trick is to study! Like the tests at school, the more well-read you are, the higher your chances are of succeeding. And unlike tests at school, there’s a complete answer key you can download and study, available in both English and Spanish. That’s right, you can click that link and download a page that shows all 100 questions and answers for the Civics test, straight from the official US Government website for immigration services. You will only be asked ten questions out of the 100, but the safest route would be to learn the answers to all of them.

If you wish to understand the history and the context behind the answers to those questions, the Immigration Services website has other resources and study materials that will teach you about US government and history.

Consult an Immigration Attorney

Finally, if you have any other questions or concerns when it comes to becoming a citizen, or about immigration law in general, it’s never a bad idea to consult an immigration attorney. At Salah Law Offices Chicago, our immigration lawyers are happy to work with you and assist you with your every need in immigration law. Make sure you and your family’s future is secure—contact us today to schedule an appointment.